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In the dark of the night we all arrive
its a festival of fear it's one t survive
all the races of evil come to play
all the races but few stay

The witches with their spells
the demons rising out of their hells
The vampires with their fangs
the zombies with their pains

Anyone who is anything comes down
Anyone with our without a pulse comes round
It's a battle it's a party we all enjoy the pain
with teeth, claws, and swords the blood drips like rain

Everyone can use the blood as they please
from getting rich to brining foes to their knees
the weres eat their prey and the vamps drink em dry
the witches uses spells, the demons make mortals cry

It's all in good fun, the immortals enjoy it all
it's been a party since almighty Lucifer did fall
I can't wait for next year
I cant wait to cause more fear.
A break for my soul
That is my goal

when the words hit the page
I don't feel the rage

Its a simple act writing
But it prevents the voices biting

I have no real break in my mind
but still peace is something I must find

Because the world is troubling that's easy to see
so for an overly emotional boy, safe is hard to be

I live a pampered life
but all life is full of strife

No one is truly happy, the ones that say so are clods
smiling happily, their nothing but frauds

Yes a person can find some joy
Like me with writing or a kid with a toy

These are fleeting and are nothing but a break
It's something that's needed cause life is rarely great

So thank you for taking the time to read these words
I hope that your day can be as free as the birds. 
Soul Break
Sometimes life is hard.

There is no solid evidence to where the brothers were born, raised, or how it is they separated. There are many folk tales such as that the brothers were born of a single woman who took to bed the best leaders of her time to mother superior children, to tales of the boys being mothered by a she wolf who raised them each with hunger and the boys natural desires drove that hunger to hunt like a wolf to a rabbit. These are all folk tales and I will leave those stories to other historians. For though the original Emperors were brothers and were important how they began has little importance. The true importance to their contribution to the creation of our Empire started with their first brush with the etheric 4th brother death.

Before the Empire lived in the desert using the harsh terrain as their home they lived in the seemingly equally hostile center continent. A frozen mountain range, with dangers, horrors, and trials was the center continent before the great expansion. Alex had moved there to more in tune with the world without the hustle and busle of survival that people in the plains and forests seem to have. He wanted no king and no leadership telling him to farm or to work when he just wanted freedom. He also didn't want the chaos of the forest with the stories of monsters and half men creatures that roamed the woods. The only place that offered this freedom was the mountains, it was harsh to be sure and every day was a struggle to find food but he was free to chose. If he wanted he could chose to starve a day. His message of freedom of choice spread like wildfire. Every kingdom had members fleeing their leadership to join Alex in the frozen mountains.

This worked out well for a time, while Alex was amassing a following of people wanting to be free his brothers gained a following of their own fleeing form Alex. Rage fled down the mountain, that's where the bandits held up. His size and love for fighting made him a bandit king in days, not weeks or months, days. He'd fight the leader of one bandit clan then destroy any of his most loyal followers so the remaining bandits would follow him unquestioning. Soon the entire mountain range was part of Rage's territory.

Darkside fled to the different capitals that were losing people from Alex. His business mind quickly rebuilt the ones that could stand the loss of so many people but the ones that couldn't' rebuild hated darkside for failing and hated Alex for stealing their soldiers. Not knowing who they were actually attacking Rage and his bandits were hired to attack a cultist group in the mountains. Rage attacked Alex's camp killing at least half of the active members but as soon as it became clear who they were attacking all of them stopped.

The attack on the Alex's camp made it crystal clear, the mountains were to close to the other kingdoms they needed to go further away from civilization to find safty to find freedom. Rage and his bandits owed Alex's following a blood debt for their failior to see this trap so they swore alligence to them swearing that never again will harm come to them as long as they lived. The army of the Empire was born in the blood of Alex's fallen cultists. Darkside seeing his part in the destruction of Alex's friends promised to help find a place safe for them.

The time fell away, but finally Darkside found a full map of our kingdom and the Empire as it was a cult, a bandit king, and a book manager they left the safty of the new world to the desert. It was hard but they survived and that was how the Empire began, blood was what came out of our forbearers but it soften the feel of the sand so that we could build our kingdom.

Many see the desert we live in to be a hostel, dangerous, and all together unpleasant place to be. That is until the 4 great leaders saw these barren lands and began rebuilding it, shaping the harsh landscape to their image. Each a brother, each bringing their own people and ideals with them. It was by the industrialism of the 2nd brother, the fugal mind of the 3rd brother, the winning nature of the 1st brother, and the actions of the 4th that turned 3 roaming nomadic tribes to make our glorious Empire. It was said the brothers were the sons of gods, or gods themselves though none would claim the title but each embraces an old god as their patriarch. It was by their combined approach to the building of the city itself, the way of life, and the mindset of how it would grow that we have survived. Each generation, in honor of the brother, takes their name and their god upon ascending to their particular throne.

It is the hope of this almanac to teach the young of our roots and the building of a small town to a thriving Empire that spans known land. So they may have an appreshashion of our culture. To foster this, it is not learned by forces in any field other than the leadership. But the knowledge will be open for all to learn, and cherish.

The youngest brother was Alex Empire, the mad priest. He is the founder of our Faith. Long before the gods of feast, love, war, mind, death, and life were common in these lands Alex Empire preached these to the people. This faith was not strange for the time, polytheism was commonplace but this new interpretation was spat on. As such he and his followers tended to stick to the deserts and the wintery mountains to keep from the common people. We all know that faith is free in our society but that was not so in the time before, Alex taught that. He believed that his gods cared for humans but in the same way humans cared for each other. With indifference in times of calm, pity in times of hardship, and hate in times of prosperity unless the gods were friends then they too would revel in your joy. All religions are welcome in the empire because the gods are indifferent to the minorities, as long as the capital of the empire believes then the gods will be on our side. Alex was by the standards of his time a wretch. He took women to bed freely, drank to much, ate to much, and enjoyed life to much. He encouraged others to seek happiness, if that ment working hard to make something of yourself they work hard become great, if happiness came to you at the bottom of a bottle and in the local whore house then go fritter way your meager pennies on wine and take to bed as many women as you can. DONT EVER do one to get  the other, working hard to find peace is a false dream, hiding your failings in wine and women is a false joy. Follow your passion and you will find joy in it. You may die young, but what point to life is there to living a life you should rather than one that ment something to you. His teachings gave ambitious men space among his church and lazy men joy as his flock. It is the ambition and laziness of Alex that gave our land leaders who will work hard to get far in life and citizens loyal though all hardships.

The middle child was Robert, RAGE CAGE, Empire. Robert from now on to be referred to as Rage, was by all history texts before the empire, nothing more than a bandit king. He was ruthless, war hungry, bloodthirsty, killer. He had amassed an army under his massive frame by overpowering, killing, or by inspiring. As dangerous as he was he was honorable by nature, he preferred attacking other bandit camps than fighting cities with innocent people. Rape, a common practice in bandits and even armies of the time was rewarded with a personal fight to the death with Rage himself. None survived a one on one fight with the beast of a man that Rage was. His towering figure and destroyed anything who stood against him, his death finally came late in his life old and grayed with years stayed off an invasion of the empires gates from beyond the border of known land at the time. He fell defending the gates in his advanced age but held them off long enough to allow the gate guards to rally around his broken body and defeat the alien foe. This was not the first time his blood was spilt for his people, there are fantastic stories upon Rage of his unbelievable heroism from him facing alone to save the village of his bride from an armada of pirates to facing down a fleet of dragons with only his own hands as weapons. Few believe the stories but none can deny that his form, kind nature, and terrifying power could inspire armies to lay down their arms and side with him. Our army still holds the beliefs of Rage at it's heart, create a terrifying destructive force and use it to slay with the worst pain imaginable those who would harm those who couldn't' defend themselves.

The eldest brother Derrick, Darkside, Empire was the wisest and most unloved brother. While Alex brought people willing to be citizens and leaders, and Rage brought a force that could easily be a mastered army Darkside brought nothing but money and influence. He was a skilled in anything to do with the mind, he had been brought on to work with anyone who who could afford him. It was said he was payed by anyone from bandits, the sorcerer Dante, the vampire Nocturn, the demon Glorm, and the last king and most evil king before the Rain Queendom began. Nearly anyone in power had at one time or another offered a favor, or high amounts of gold to obtain the service of the cold hearted Darkside. He cared little for life, cared less for those that hired him but practically worshipped the bottom line. If he was hired then the bottom line would be met, at any cost. In the beginning of our empire, it suffered Darkside's blind notions of the bottom line over the citizens but after he was deposed as the soul leader of the Empire for a unified 3 leader system it is that same obsession with what must be done that kept the wild desires of Alex and the furious temper of Rage in line. Alone he was a cruel leader but now his legacy is the voice of reason. In a world of wild desire and destruction that the empire praises it is the logical 3rd leader that keeps the madness rained in to keep us from going to far.

The 4th brother is an honorary title. It is not even a living being but an idea that brought the brothers to the desert, united them to one cause, brought down Darkside as the soul leader, and brought honor to each of the brothers in their last moments. The forth brother is death. This history will follow how death pushed each brother to each other and a young nation to grow and honor them. Death, the forth brother the last and most important brother.

History of the Glorious Golden Empire part 1
Part of a story I am building with Haily in a fantasy world. This our story from the view of historians in the future of the lands.

I feel the tornado inside
that angry face that I hide

The world sees me as a pretty good guy
But I know it's nothing but a lie

I want to scream and cause some damage
to destroy some feelings or jump out a ledge

But my true want is for some peace
And that requires me doing the least

I will grin and take it
I will wait and fix it

till the tornado inside dies down
for it's in holding it in that I can rest and lay down


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I am back. My mom suggested I start writing again. I am no writer but I enjoy it so I begin again. If no reads it, I hold no ill will I know I'm not good enough. These works are for me, please unfollow me if you do not with to be bombarded with nonsensical babble in poetic or story form.   
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Alex Darkside Rage
United States
Mastermind - Darkside the hedgehog
Warlord - RAGE! the beast
Highpriest of the Madness - Alex the vampirebat

:evileyes::blackrose:Darkness is the way to Glory!:blackrose::evileyes:

"THE INFECTION has spread we are now infected with the SICKNESS. Where once we felt NUMB and CRUCIFIED by FEAR, our inner WARRIOR has finally awoken. THE ANIMAL has been unchained. No longer BOUND by DARKNESS, we RISE from our own HELL in ASYLUM, free from our PERFECT INSANITY , FORGIVEN. Our PRAYER, GUARDED by INDESTRUCTIBLE determination. NEVER AGAIN will we be OVERBURDENED by THE CURSE that is weakness. Now the TEN THOUSAND FISTS of the SONS OF PLUNDER shout our name. For we are DISTURBED." MKRapter

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