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Purge bitches!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 9, 2013, 12:31 AM
Alright I just watched the movie the Purge that weird movie that just came out to theaters where for one day a year for like 12 hours all crime is legal. Now I have mixed feelings about this movie. It's like if a really hot parent had a baby with a butt ugly parent thus creating a child that was both really beautiful/awesome and really bad for your health to watch. The idea of the film, terrifying but also kinda awesome. There were some good plot twists and the characters were compelling, but then again the characters kinda sucked for like the first half of the movie. Serious character conflict in this film. As a writer, felt like they were pushing the theme of the movie over the actual character development. The idea was indeed interesting and in the end the characters were all pretty bad ass but all in all I'd give it a :star::star::star: just cause it was good but it wasn't amazing and if I don't see it again I wont be disappointed. I do encourage others to see the movie at least once, but once is enough you get the idea after one viewing this is not complex in any way shape or form and it's not eye candy.

It can be categorized as 3 types of movie horror, action, and social cometary. I have a set list of "ADR MUST HAVES" for me to enjoy a movie. It is based on their category since it's not fair to judge a romance/chick flick by number of explosions.

A. Horror:
1. Dos this movie scare you?
No, it really dos not. There are a few poppers but apart from that only the consent is scary.

2. Dos it have a good villain?
Yes this movie did have a good assortment of villains. I would gladly rank the main villain a truly demented fucker, which by any standard of villains is a good one.

3. How often do you see mature content other than violence (sex and yes all great horror needs it. The reason being that guys don't scare easy but if you put sex on the screen then they think with the animal part of their brain and that part gets scared EASY!)
no... this department except for some making out between the daughter and her boyfriend like 10 minutes into the film this was lame.

B. Action film
1. Fight scenes?
The fights... pretty awesome actually once they start happening but sadly they are to spare to consider it a good film for fighting.

2. Variety of fight styles?
This one actually did pretty well. Now granted it was limited to the scope of what normal humans can do with limited training so you wont see any ninja battles or military grade firefight but with the limits that the characters were built on yes they used the entire range of possibilities.


4. Hot Chicks? (again women don't get upset that's just the nature of the beast. I'm not gonna get angry cause there's no violence in a high quality romance)
well the daughter is maybe a 7 and the wife is yeah I'd say a 7 too.... you know not unattractive but certainly not "DAAAAAAAMN" hot.

C. Social Cometary
1. Dos this make you think about your role in your own world?
Yes most certainly, this world is heavily class centric so you'd most certainly see how you'd fair in this world or truly rank in the minds of your fellow humans.

2. Dos this movie have an agenda?
Yes it dos. I wont explain it to much, you'd have to watch. No spoilers.

3. Will this movie change the way you see your own?
Perhaps, at this point it's speculation and I'm not very good at that. I'd defiantly say if your going to watch this from a social cometary standpoint there is a good chance you will gain a insightful look at our own world though this piece.

So there you have it my personal experience for you all to judge ether to see it yourself or not. Oh but great thing about this movie and you'll get this if you watch the movie and maybe if you know enough about it. "If you wanna be my enemy fine, I'll see you next purge bitches!"

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